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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are now obsolete • ENTER.CO

Only four years have passed since Samsung released the Galaxy S9 and its older brother, the S9+; however, the company already considers it obsolete due to its longevity. Because of this, cell phones will no longer get security updates; no, security patches either.

Samsung made the decision to send both devices to the basket of oblivion without warning its users, it was not through a statement that we found out; When checking the support web page where the cell phones that continue to be updated are listed, the Galaxy S9 and S9 + disappeared from the list.

However, when the cell phone was released, the company had promised only four years of security updates, including security patches. But, Samsung is not the only company that manages a short update time for its devices, in fact, all Android cell phone companies manage similar times. Apple, for its part, provides seven years of support.

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Luckily, some Android manufacturers have mentioned that they will start providing longer support time. For example, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S22 will have four years of full updates and up to five years of security patches.

The latest update came to cell phones a few days ago, fulfilling the expected four years of updates for the S9. Now, saying that the phone will not get any more updates is not the same as thinking that they will be really ‘obsolete’. You will be able to continue using your phone, the problem is that, since it is not updated, you will be more exposed when downloading applications or browsing the web, it is less secure.

Please note, if the company discovers any serious flaws in the S9 or S9 Plus, it may release a new security patch. Following Samsung’s schedule, the next to come off the support list will be the Galaxy Note 9, which should be outdated by the end of this year.

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