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The rue plant: why it is the most used to cut witchcraft

One of the most popular plants in the spiritual world is rue. This herb from the rutaceae family, very characteristic for its aroma, is widely used in rituals for its magical powers, and some even think that It is the best for cutting witchcraft work. What secrets does he hide?

The main esoteric benefit of rue is its ability to neutralize any negative energyit is enough to have it at home so that it begins to eliminate the vibrations of the astral bass and the environment feels harmonized.

It is very effective to neutralize the bad energy of envious people, who want to hurt us, speak ill of us or for energy vampires.

When we are victims of witchcraft it is possible that we are more exhausted, sad, depressed or things do not go as we wish. Rude helps us overcome these bad streaks and return your optimism simply with its delicate aroma.

How to use rue to eliminate witchcraft?

Rue can be used in different ways, one of them is place two pots at the main entrance to act as a protective shield at home. The recommendation is to place one on the right and one on the left, as recommended by the YouTube channel Spiritual Guides.

Thus, each time we pass through them, they purify or clean our auric field of the bad energies that we carry from the street. The same effect will have with all family members and guests.

Another option is to cut a twig and use it as a protective amulet. You should keep it in your pants pocket or bag before leaving home.

If you want to extract the energy from the rude, use it as a lotion. Put a few twigs in a glass bottle with alcohol, close it with a lid and let it rest for 30 days. Then empty the liquid into a small sprayer that you can take with you in your bag or car. Every time you live with a negative person or someone made you angry, use it to counteract these energies.

One of the most benevolent powers of rue is counter bad karma. If you did or expressed unpleasant things out of anger, this plant helps you neutralize your bad energy.

Finally, if you find money on the street or every time you receive it, clean it with the leaves of the rue so that it reaches you with positivity or yields much more.

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