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The ritual of Mhoni Vidente to attract wealth and prosperity in July 2022

If you want to have a good July in every way, Mhoni Vidente tells you what ritual to do to attract wealth, abundance and everything you wantyou just have to keep in mind that, to obtain the expected effects, you have to prepare it on the first day of the month, that is, the Friday that is approaching.

According to the psychic, famous for her predictions and spells, jJuly is the month of abundance by possessing the spiritual energy of the number 7so it is the opportunity to ask the universe what you want to attract in matters of prosperity.

The materials that you will use for the ritual are: an incense, a glass of water, 3 red apples, the bill that we have with the highest denomination, a candle of 7 colors or 7 powers (it is bought in the markets or esoteric stores), a foil-lined plate, tequila, mezcal or rum, an empty glass, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, gold glitter, and orange blossom lotion.

Mhoni Vidente explained, in a video that he published on his YouTube channel, that the ritual can be done at any time, but he stressed the importance of doing it on July 1.

The first step is to spray the bill with orange blossom lotion and rub it all over your body from head to toe. Ask the universe for financial abundance to arrive during the month of July and then put the bill in the glass of water.

Spray the 3 red apples with the lotion and rub each one with your two hands to activate their energy. Place the candle of the 7 colors on the plate lined with aluminum foil just like the apples, forming a triangle.

Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of apples. Cinnamon and sugar symbolize prosperity, in this ritual, activate the good energy and prevent it from being “cut off”. Now sprinkle the golden glitter on top of the apples, a color that represents wealth. Fill the empty glass with tequila, mezcal, or rum.

Light the incense with a match and then the candle of the 7 colors. Pray an Our Father and ask the archangels to take care of you and yours. Let the candle burn out completely, then throw the apples away from your house and spend the ticket to buy food or something you need.

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