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The return of Fall Guys? Beans reach 50 million players • ENTER.CO

Definitely the best strategy a game can have is to go free (unless you are PES). Mediatonic has announced that Fall Guys has reached 50 million active players two weeks after the title transitioned to its new ‘free to play’ model.

For Mediatonic and Fall Guys it is a number to celebrate. Last week the game finished with 20 million users, which in the second week doubled the number of people interested in its jumping competitions.

Of course, now the challenge of Fall Guys is to maintain the interest and the active players that it has captured. The game already had its moment of popularity, at the beginning of the pandemic two years ago, when it was crowned the number one game on platforms like Twitch. However, after a few months the game lost that same ability to attract new users. Two of the main problems were in the limitation of available games, consoles (only PC and PlayStation) and the absence of custom lobbies.

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If we give it any credit, Fall Guys seems to be taking a lot of lessons from Fortnite. The game, for example, is constantly updating the available goals and events. Not only this, but he is also betting on more collaborations with franchises (for example, he recently released a Chapulín Colorado and Assassins Creed Valhala skin).

Coupled with the fact that the free-to-play version of the game was released with crossplay, Fall Guys currently only needs a mobile version to ensure the interest of as many players as possible. The bigger question is whether this increase in players has also meant more revenue for the game. The change meant that many of the cosmetic items are now paid or require coins (mainly available through season passes).

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