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The records of LeBron James and Michael Jordan with countless difference mobile phones for the photo

LeBron James and Michael Jordan meet at the 2022 All Star Game.

Photo: Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leading scorer in the NBA, an exceptional record that places “The King” at the height of the debate about the best. The scoring play of LeBron James was very reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s in 1998 in his “The Last Dance” that finalized title number six for the Chicago Bulls.

Both historical records, with feats that are difficult to overcome or achieve, however, the similarity of both with a jump shot sufficient to achieve glory was striking. and something quite famous was the photo and the difference 25 years ago, without social networks, when everyone carefully watched Jordan touch the sky, while Today in 2023, dozens of cell phones are being raised to capture and immortalize the moment of LeBron James.

Through social networks, the impact is so great that according to Sports world, They even bothered to count the number of people who didn’t pick up their smartphones to record LeBron’s historic touchdown. and in total there were three; the founder of Nike, Phil Knight, who started the King’s path to glory, a girl sitting behind the aforementioned tycoon and another boy located in the side stands who watched the moment with charm.

Without a doubt, they are two historic moments for different feats; that of Michael Jordan in 1998 and today that of LeBron James in 2023, the historical photo for the sport demonstrates with certainty the type of society to which the technology sets the tone.

In conclusion, the memory of those present in 98 today is reflected in mobile phones and the importance of LeBron’s record.

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