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The recommended anime of the summer 2022 season • ENTER.CO

Lots of anime to watch. Very little time to do it. It is impossible to see all the series that are released each season and, for this reason, we often end up finding that star show that escaped our fingers too late. In our duty to all anime lovers we have done your homework for you and after three episodes we think we have an idea of ​​which series are worth following.

Small reminder: the list is limited to new series, not seasons. Yeah, we know that it’s great that ‘Hataraku Maou Sama’ finally has a second season or that ‘Made in Abyss’ is back… but you know it too and will surely watch the new seasons… So what’s the point of a new recommendation?

Without further ado, these are our recommended anime this season.

Yofukashi no Uta

Summer 2022

Available in HiDive / Romance and over natural

After this anime, you will never see the night the same way. Kou Yamori stops going to school after a girl proposed to him and he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Unable to sleep one night he decides to walk around the city and meets a vampire named Nazuna Nanakusa, who will be his personal guide to the magic that he has at night.

First: the skies of Yofukashi no Uta deserve to be in a gallery. We can recommend this anime only for the pleasure of watching the night of its backgrounds. But even without this, this anime makes an invitation that is impossible to ignore: a cast of characters that have charm and a protagonist in a romantic story that is not infuriating. The animation is brilliant and goes from funny faces to movements that have nothing to do in a series of this type… we are not exaggerating when we say that this is the best series of the season.

Lycoris Recoil

Available on Crunchyroll/Slice of Life and Action

This is a series that can take a while to enjoy, especially if you are not a big fan of slice of life. But there is a secret charm in Lycoris Recoil that many will recognize. A1 Pictures again proves that it is an expert in taking small actions and turning them into moments that simply hook into their worlds.

The Lycoris are a series of girls who secretly work to stop the world’s threats. When one of these girls makes the decision to disobey orders, she is sent to an agency… a little less conventional, but in which she will meet a girl who will change her own conceptions of what she makes of herself.

Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari

summer season 2022

Available on Crunchyroll / Slice of Life

Tooru Kirishima was known for being the most violent, strong and fearsome member of a Yakuza gang… at least until his boss gave him the task of taking care of his 7-year-old daughter. This new mission will prove to be as complicated as it is touching.

I don’t know about you, but I’m 100% in favor of this dynamic of seeing rude Yakuza show facets as house owners or guardians of innocent girls. And this particular anime has all the necessary elements to melt your heart. The only warning that we feel is mandatory is for diabetics due to the high amounts of sugar it contains.

Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru

Available on HiDive / Romance and Comedy

Ayumu Tanaka decides to join his school’s (illegitimate) Shogi club looking for a new challenge. What he finds is a senpai ready to teach him the charm of Shogi. What she’s not ready for is him frequently telling her in the middle of a game that she’s cute and shutting her out completely. And even though Tanaka knows she likes him, he’s determined not to confess…at least until he can win a game with her.

This is a pretty standard romantic comedy. But sometimes this is for the best, when all you want is a couple with good dynamics and chemistry. In this aspect, the best option this season is Yosetekuru, with the plus that it also manages to capture very well the atmosphere of the school necessary to make this romantic story work. An exceptional movement, if we can say so.

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