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The Ranking of the 8 Oldest Fathers and Mothers that have been documented throughout history

Being a parent is very hard, which is why it is surprising when young people decide to have children when they still do not have their lives resolved and focused.

Nevertheless, It seems that some wait so long for this to happen that the rice passes them and end up having children at milestone ages.

Older fathers who have been documented

1- Natural conception: 59 years

Women start to have a hard time having children after the age of 35, but Dawn Brooke has shown that miracles exist when getting pregnant naturally at 59 years old.

2- Most famous older father: 73 years

Wikimedia Commons

Singer Mick Jagger has become the oldest celebrity to become the father of his eighth child at 73 years old.

3- Oldest father in history: 96 years

Men can be fathers at an older age than women thanks to their biology, however, nobody expected Ramjit Raghav to become a father at 96 years old.

4- Older mother: 66 years


Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara, from Spain, she is the oldest documented mother at 66 years old. It should be noted that their children were not conceived naturally.

5- Mother for the first time: 70 years

It was in India where the oldest first-time mother in history was documented at 70 years old. This is Daljinder Kaur, whose child was conceived through in vitro fertilization.

6- Multiple birth: 70 years

Omkari Panwar has been the oldest mother, 70 years old, who has had a multiple birth naturally.

7- Famous adoptive mother: 51 years


Madonna takes the award to the most famous adoptive mother that he took the longest to adopt, since he did so at the age of 51.

8- Oldest famous mother: 50 years

Wikimedia Commons

janet jackson She is the oldest celebrity who has been a mother, at 50 years old. Among so much success it was difficult to achieve it before.

What do you think of this list? Did you know that there were such old fathers and mothers in the world?

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