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The Queen spoke! Paquita la del Barrio pronounces on Shakira’s song

Paquita of the neighborhoodwho has been a pioneer in spiteful songs against men, spoke on social networks about the topic of the moment, the song that Shakira he dedicated to his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, a topic that has been in the conversation after the separation that these characters had recently.

The theme began last Wednesday afternoon, when BZRP Music Sessions #53k premiered, a song by the Argentine producer Bizarrap and the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira.

Since the date and time of the announcement was announced, the versions ran around the letter and the dedication to the former Barcelona player. What he did not imagine was the level of impact that would reach after the letter was so direct.

Shakira and the lyrics of her song reminded Paquita la del Barrio, a traditional voice when it comes to female expressions against men with interpretations such as “Two-Legged Rat” and “Blank Check”.

The memes came to light immediately, including one of four images in which Shakira undergoes a transformation to become Francisca Viveros Barradas, the famous Paquita.

In the midst of all this came the position of Paquita, who manifested herself quoting a tweet from Danna Paola: “People always have a lot to say… in the end, music is the best tool to heal and express what you want”Danna Paola said. And Paquita’s comment was: That’s right, a hug.

Marianna Santiago tweeted: “What’s the worst thing you’ve done out of spite? Shakira did it very well, channeling it into a song that will surely bring her a lot of money, Shakira, you do very well, women don’t cry anymore “. Paquita also took the opportunity to mention: “Just express it in a song with feeling.”

And in case there were any doubts, Doña Paquita retweeted a post by Erik Saldaña where she asked: Are you Team Shakira? And Paquita’s response was forceful: “We are Shakira Team”, so the ground is ready for a collaboration between the two, as requested by their followers on social networks.

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