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The push from the Pumas Femenil coach on the player Natalia Macías that causes a stir on social networks

Women’s football is generating more and more interest among fans. Mexico can boast that it has a level league with good coverage. This allows each incident to be seen by thousands of followers without losing any detail. This made it not go unnoticed alleged “lawsuit” between Natalia Macías and Pumas Femenil strategist Jhonathan Lezcano.

Endless opinions about this action have been generated through social networks. Pumas Femenil is not going through a great sporting moment. Those from Pedregal were equaling 1-1 against Cruz Azul. In a party reading, The Pumas strategist decided to make a change and that’s where the trouble started.

Lazcano decided that the time in the field of his striker Natalia Macías was over. Chandra Eigenberger would enter in his place. But Macías did not like this decision, and she went to the bench angrily.. The annoyance of the forward would have made her “despise” the greeting to her coach and he reacted by giving her a push to reprimand her.

However, both attitudes are being criticized through social networks. There are people who question the behavior of Macías before a decision of his coach, while others claim the form of “reprimand” that Lazcano used.

Pumas sinks into the table

The university team achieved a draw in their last game against Cruz Azul. Although this allows them to arrest their free fall, Lazcano’s team is not doing very well in the Women’s MX League. Pumas occupies twelfth place in the standings with one win, one draw and three losses.

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