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the purchase period ends this month. Check out!

According to Caixa, the deadline for buying properties from Caixa using its services runs until the 20th of this month. To date, there are thousands of apartments, houses and commercial areas available in different regions throughout Brazil.

All those interested in buying real estate should go to Caixa’s official website and choose the property they want. From there it is necessary for the buyer to make a proposal from the minimum amount disclosed for the sale.

The winner will be the one with the highest bid when the time limit expires. All Caixa property results will be sent via email by Caixa itself.

What this article covers:

In case of financing

For those who wish to finance their housing through Caixa, all sales will have the possibility of intermediation with an accredited bank broker.

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All customers who opt for this modality must choose the alternative while filling out their proposal. Caixa Econômica is responsible for paying all broker commissions.

How does the purchase of real estate through the box work?

Every buyer of a Caixa property will be able to use the resources offered by the FGTS and also with the Brazilian System of Savings and Loans, popularly known as SBPE. With this, the value of up to 100% of the entire proposal may be deducted. The deadline to finish paying the entire value of the property is up to 35 years.

The resources available through the FGTS are also present in the Casa Verde e Amarela government benefit program.

It should be noted that those who obtain some cash properties will not have to pay late home expenses, such as IPTU and condominium in the case of apartments. Accounts accumulated after the date of purchase will be settled by Caixa.

Is it worth buying box real estate?

Caixa offers its customers many benefits and advantages for the purchase of real estate. Financing conditions are created in a different format, to streamline all bureaucracy and expand its services to as many people as possible.

As we have already mentioned, Caixa also keeps all the accumulated bills for the residence, so that every buyer will be free of any debt that he has not incurred. In addition, all cash properties offered have deeds carried out in a real estate registry office with the name of the bank.

Finally, all customers will be able to enjoy the convenience of carrying out transactions and proposals in a 100% online environment. All steps are accompanied by box employees at no additional cost.

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