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The Prosecutor’s Office requests that Dani Alves remain in prison for the alleged sexual assault due to the risk of flight

The Prosecutor’s Office has opposed the Barcelona Court provisionally releasing the former Barcelona player Dani Alves, considering that the risk of flight persists and that the indications that he committed the alleged violation for which he entered prison on January 20 last.

According to sources from the public ministry, the Prosecutor’s Office has already presented its report to the Barcelona Court to oppose the release of the footballer and rejects the precautionary measures of passport withdrawal, daily appearances in court and use of a telematic bracelet that his defense proposes.

Alves’ defense appealed before the Barcelona Court the order of the investigating judge to send him to pretrial detention for allegedly raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub of Barcelona on December 30, so the court must decide in the next few days whether to release him, once it has the reports from the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution.

The private prosecution representing the victim has not yet submitted its brief to the Barcelona Court to position itself on the appeal that the Brazilian player presented on January 30 against the preventive detention order decreed by the investigating judge.

In that appeal, the player’s lawyer, Cristóbal Martell, used various arguments to dismantle the risk of flight on which the judge who investigates the case in the Court of Instruction number 15 of Barcelona was based to send the footballer to prison, on January 20.

The player’s defense alleged, among other reasons, that Alves voluntarily went to testify before the Mossos, that he resides with his wife in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) and that he has personal, family, social and business roots in the Catalan capital, which undermines his flight risk.

He also argued that the player no longer has the “economic muscle of periodic income” that the instructor attributed to him, after the Mexican soccer club Pumas, in which he played, terminated his contract and after the loss of other sponsorship, publicity and image contracts that he had signed with different brands.

In addition, in the brief presented before the Barcelona Court, the legal team of the former Barcelona player questioned the evidence that led the judge to send Alves to prison, mainly using the videos of the images prior to the moment in which the young woman and Alves they entered the private bathroom of a private room at the Sutton nightclub, where he allegedly raped her.

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