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“The price we pay” on SVT shows the back side of the influencer profession

In the new documentary series Document from the inside: The price we pay on SVT, journalist Frida Söderlund examines the back side of the influencer industry. Among other things, we get to meet Sara Jadid, who risked losing her life when an operation carried out through an advertising collaboration gave rise to life-threatening complications.

Photo: SVT

SVT’s new documentary series Document from the inside: The price we pay shows the back of an industry that many dream of becoming a part of: the influencer industry.

Spoke well of the clinic despite the horror experience

In connection with the documentary series, journalist Frida Söderlund has been in contact with 29 Swedish influencers who have been paid to market beauty clinics in Turkey on Instagram. One of these is Jasmine “Jasse” Gustafsson, who entered into a collaboration with Monokliniken in Turkey in 2019.

Gustafsson underwent the procedure Brazilian butt lift, an operation which she calls in the documentary “a terrifying experience”. Despite this, she was not allowed to give her honest opinion about the clinic on social media – the contract meant that she had to speak well of it instead:

“When you do an operation like I did, you usually sign an agreement with a clinic. I must not break the contract, then it could become a completely different mess,” she explains in the program according to SVT News.

“It was a life-threatening situation”

Another influencer who did the same procedure is Sara Jadid. The complications of the procedure – which was carried out at the Esteworld clinic in Turkey – became so serious that a week later she had to go urgently to hospital in Sweden.

“I absolutely did not think that what happened to me would happen, it was not even in my mind,” she says in the program, “although it should be in my mind, because it is a hugely risky operation.”

Jadid underwent two operations at the Karolinska hospital in Huddinge, where she spent over two weeks. According to Jadid’s surgeon, the influencer had all the signs of serious blood poisoning when she arrived.

“It was a life-threatening situation,” he says. “If she had come in a day or two later… then you wouldn’t have been able to guarantee the outcome.”

See Document from the inside: The price we pay Monday 12 December 20.00 on SVT 1 or on SVT Play.

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