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The powder puff is back – here’s how to use it for a magical base

The powder puff has made a grand comeback in our lives and for good reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use the powder puff!

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TikTok is not only a platform where we discover exciting news in beauty, it is also superb when it comes to giving older products the recognition they deserve.

That’s why TikTokers love the powder puff

The powder puff is one of those beauty products that has been out in the cold for many years. Now it is finally making a comeback in our make-up kits: at the time of writing, the hashtag #powderpuff has over 200 million views on TikTok.

According to the saved, the powder puff creates a smooth, fine base underneath while smoothing out fine lines and creating a purely magical “airbrush” effect.

TikToker Alissia – who goes by the username @makeupbyalissiac on the platform – explains that powder applied with a makeup brush makes the base look heavier, while powder applied with a powder puff gives a much smoother result.

See the difference in the video below:

@makeupbyalissiac Powder puffs vs brushes. Why you should be setting your makeup with puffs instead of brushes!! @Amelia Olivia #BeautyHacks #BeautyReview #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound – ALISSIA

How to use a powder puff

TikTok profile Karol – @karolscorner on the platform – has the tips to help you get the best possible results when using a powder puff:

  1. Before starting application, smooth the powder on the powder puff by folding it and rubbing the inside against itself.
  2. Something that is also important is to regularly clean the puff, otherwise the oils from the skin can cause the powder to stick unevenly to it.
  3. Apply the powder by gently patting the powder puff against the skin. Instead, dragging the powder puff over the skin results in you sweeping away product such as concealer.

When applying under the eyes

First, remove concealer collected in the fine lines under the eye using a small makeup brush or sponge.

Look up towards the ceiling for a more even application.

If you don’t want powder on your cheeks (which can dull the glow), point the tip of the powder puff towards the temples when using it on the outer edge of the eye.

When applied to the forehead

If you use the powder puff to apply powder to oily areas such as the forehead, try pressing the puff against the skin for a longer time. Then you absorb the skin’s oils and give the powder a chance to settle nicely.

When applied to the nose

On the nose, it is best not to overuse the powder puff – a tip is to fold it so that you can access the different angles more easily. Normally four pressures with the powder puff should be enough for this purpose.

Check out Karol’s informative video below!

@karolscorner For me #powderpuff girls! ?? #makeuptok #tiktokmademebuyit #promua #makeuptipstiktok #realmakeupforrealpeople #makeupclass ♬ BLOW – Rodezel & Saibu & JCBG

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