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The place where you can kill whoever you want without consequences

After the success of the movie saga “The Purge” (The purge), many people wonder what would happen if in real life it was possible to kill whoever you want and not have to suffer any punishment for it.


Well, in the real world there is already a place where it is possible to commit murder and not be prosecuted for it.

«Bless the New Parents for letting us purge our souls. Blessed be America, a nation reborn«.

It could not be anywhere other than the United States, specifically in Yellowstone Park.


Within the 9 thousand square kilometers that comprise the Yellowstone Natural Park and Reserve, there is a place known as «the death zone«.


Be careful when visiting this wonder of nature…

This area borders Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. That is, it is formed by the limits of these 3 districts, but does not belong to any of them.


Under US law, if you commit murder you have the right to be tried by a jury made up of residents of the state where you committed the murder.

Do you see the way to get rid of the murder?

This is not only part of the perfect crime theory, there are cases in which the murderer has escaped sentencing due to this legal loophole.


Of course, the murder has to be spontaneous, since if you have planned it in one of the states that do have inhabitants, you can be tried by a jury from that same county.

So now you know, if you want to kill someone, it’s not worth taking them to the death zone, because it would be planned, but if you have a fit of madness there, everything is legal…

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