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the perfect machine for you!

Moderninha Pro is the ideal PagSeguro card machine for any business, with support for most brands that circulate in the market, in addition to receiving food cards.

The equipment has an excellent cost-benefit ratio, with the best that a machine can offer and at an affordable price. Fees are reasonable, but the contractor pays only if he uses the equipment, as the unit and service charges are zero. Learn a little more about Moderninha Pro!

What this article covers:

What is Moderninha Pro?

The Moderninha Pro is a compact and simple-to-use machine that offers the best conditions for small and even large businesses that have a large sales volume. The equipment has an NFC system, which allows approximation payments, and PDV, which issues invoices and creates a customer data network, which gives more credibility to the service.

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The machine belongs to PagSeguro, with all the company’s support, which includes the application that works together with Moderninha Pro. The equipment operates in a mobile format and with a WI-FI connection, but also has its own chip.

To acquire Moderninha Pro, it is not necessary to undergo a credit analysis, as well as it is not necessary to provide documentation, just basic information. The order can be placed on PagSeguro website and without the need to have your own bank account.

Is the moderninha Pro a good machine?

The Moderninha Pro is an excellent little machine, suitable even for big business. It offers a good technical system, with all the technologies and basic resources to serve customers, but like all equipment it also has its negative points. Check out the main pros and cons:


One of the main positive points of Moderninha Pro, as well as most of PagSeguro’s equipment, is the little bureaucracy to request the machine. The cost-effectiveness is excellent, with the most modern resources, which include approaching and issuing invoices through the POS system, which also creates a customer database. Also, the rates are excellent, with charges only for using the machine.


The cons for the Moderninha Pro are really few. Among them, it is worth emphasizing that it does not anticipate a stripe card and the battery lasts, on average, six hours, which may not be enough for some establishments that use the machine for long periods.

What cards are accepted?

Moderninha Pro accepts the main cards currently circulating on the market, as well as most of the brands available. The differential is to receive credit cards by stripe and meal vouchers. With NFC technology, the machine accepts approximation payments and also PicPay and QR Code reading for PIX transfers, for example.

What cards are accepted

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The contractor, when subscribing to Moderninha Pro, also receives a free PagBank card, which comes with the machine, and allows withdrawals and purchases with the balance available in the application. An annual fee is not requested on the card, but R$ 7.50 is charged for each withdrawal.

In general, the machine offers excellent support for cards, with only specific cases that are not accepted by it.

What are the fees for Moderninha Pro?

Moderninha Pro’s fees are similar to those seen on other PagSeguro equipment, considered, then, an affordable machine, especially in comparison with the features that are offered.

On fees, membership or other fixed payments are not charged. Therefore, if the machine is not used, Moderninha Pro users pay nothing.

On the debit card, the sale leaves for 2.39%, and drops to 1.99% with the immediate balance. In credit, rates descend from the established term.

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