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“The pende** was me”: Christian Martinoli recoils and apologizes for insults to Benjamín Mora

Journalist Christian Martinoli.

Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Christian Martinoli apologized this Monday to the Atlas coach, Benjamín Mora, for the derogatory comments he made against him in a live broadcast on TV Azteca’s YouTube channel. The communicator did not realize that the microphone was left open before leaving for the commercial break and a disqualifying personal opinion was aired towards DT.

In the afternoon, Martinoli used his official Twitter account to report that he had apologized to Mora. “I just spoke with Benjamín Mora to offer my apologies about the audio on Friday. It is clear here that the only asshole in history was me, ”he wrote.

Martinoli’s excuses came after a strong controversy that was generated on social networks and after the clip with his statements went viral. Now, after the communicator’s rectification, Internet users did not miss the opportunity to express their opinions on the matter.

“That’s good, it’s not going to be that you run into him at an airport”; “It is understood having to apologize, but the reality is that you said what many of us thought”; “And you couldn’t have that same courtesy with Miguel Herrera?” Some users wrote on Twitter.


The commentator was debating with his teammates David Medrano, Luis García and Jorge Campos about the questioned transit of DT Rafa Puente in Pumas de la UNAM, but from one moment to the next the discussion turned to Benjamín Mora and Campos outlined a comment about Puente with the which Martinoli did not agree.

“This is how it goes, dude. Let’s see if he loses or draws, ”said the former soccer player. “If they have not kicked out the Malay”; refuted the communication specialist, but his comment had to be clarified since Campos did not understand the reference and that was where Martinoli insulted Mora. “On the slope** of the Atlas”.

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