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The number of families favored by social tariff in the Electricity Bill must double

An event was held this Tuesday (30) where President Jair Bolsonaro announced the automatic registration of several families in the Social Electricity Tariff. With this, the range of people with the benefit increases and exceeds 23.8 million Brazilians. Which makes it an excellent help for anyone who is struggling due to the pandemic.

Currently, this benefit is given to 12.3 million families, and guarantees the right to a 10% to 65% discount on the bill, depending on household expenses. These discount amounts are funded by the electricity sector fund. And annually causes an expense of 9 billion a year.

What this article covers:

What is social tariff?

The Social Tariff gives beneficiaries discounts on their electricity bills for low-income families. If you are registered with CADúnico, you can benefit from the program for your family.

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The discount is granted to a single residential consumer for each family, and applied after the concrete validation of the registration by the National Electric Energy Agency?? This value is well below what families with better conditions manage to have according to the flags of the month. For those who have the benefit, the green flag is applied automatically, leaving with a lower cost.

Who will benefit?

The program currently benefits families who are enrolled in any social program, with a family income per person of up to 550 reais. Whoever has the Brasil aid (formerly Bolsa Família) is also enrolled in the program and will be able to join it.

Discounts are applied to the final electricity bill, according to the household’s consumption level. These values ​​are fluctuating and may vary in relation to other months of electricity use.

Due to the projection of high rainfall for December, people who enjoy the benefit will automatically be able to use the green flag, that is, less value per amount of energy consumption. With the forecasts, the cost of energy becomes lower, and people with less conditions can benefit from these opportunities, for example.

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