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The NFT of the first tweet in history is now worth nothing • ENTER.CO

The first tweet on the social network was written by its own creator, Jack Dorsey, but it no longer belongs to the former CEO of Twitter. In 2021, when NFTs were all the rage, Drosey thought that selling the first-ever trill as a Non-Fungible Token would be a good idea, and it was; an investor paid 2.9 million for it, now that NFT is worth nothing.

Sina Estavi, a cryptocurrency businessman, acquired Dorsey’s first trill a year ago, but when he tried to sell it in April of this year for $48 million, he found that the maximum offer was $6,800 dollars… which he had to accept. Some time later the NFT was put up for sale again and this time they offered $280 for it. Now, he once again put the trill up for sale and the outlook is more discouraging; investors are only offering a maximum of $31 for the tweet on OpenSea.


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This is undoubtedly one of the most severe setbacks in history, the devaluation of Non-Fungible Tokens. The loss in the value of the first tweet in history is attributed to the fall that cryptocurrencies have had for a few months and the lack of interest that has been generated around NFTs; These two causes have devalued the value of the NFT by up to 98% in just one year.

When Sina Estavi made the purchase of Dorsey’s tweet, she expected to be able to sell it for at least $48 million, but she was hit with a totally different and discouraging reality. Estavi still considers this piece as “a piece of the history of humanity”; however, the rest of the investors consider that it is not worth what they ask for it or perhaps they consider that it is important but due to the crisis facing cryptocurrencies they do not want to risk losing.

Image: Jack Dorsey

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