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the next few days in Portugal

This is not yet the time for galoshes to rest – and our advice is that you wear more clothes to face the cold of the next few days.

THE rain returns this Friday to the Central and Northern regions of Portugal, reaching the whole country on Sunday and Monday. And if in the following days it is likely that there will be no more precipitation, a cold air mass invades the territory and drops the minimum and maximum temperatures across the country.

The phenomenon, which should bring snow for the Serras do Norte and Serra da Estrela, it should be felt until Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 19th of January, leaving our territory frozen.

Rain, cold and snow: time to dress warmly

Rain starts in the North and Center from Friday

The end of the week is gray and with heavy rain for the Center and North areas, namely for the regions of Minho and Greater Porto, as well as for some points in the districts of Aveiro, Viseu and Coimbra.

For Friday and Saturday there is light rain in the areas of the North and Center coast, but in the Douro coast and in Minho the probability is even of heavy showers – with a forecast of “increase in minimum temperatures” in all these regions.

Rain across the country between Sunday and Monday

The bad meteorological news does not take long to reach the rest of the mainland: between Sunday and Monday the showers fall for everyone.

The forecasts are from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), which also warns of the possibility of significant drops in temperatures and snowfall in the higher lands.

Polar air mass will make the days cold

Already at the beginning of Monday, the forecast is that the snow quota will be “above 1,200 meters” in Serra da Estrela. The mountains of the North will also feel the ice: Gerês, Peneda, Soajo, Amarela, Larouco and Barroso are some examples.

The mass of cold air that brings snow to the mountainous regions will impact the whole country: the temperatures, maximum and minimum, of the entire continental territory, will drop significantly.

From the first hours of Monday, the maximums will be between 8 and 14 degrees, and the minimums between 3 and 6 degrees – especially in the coastal regions. The interior zones, to the North and Center, should see the thermometers mark temperatures below zero.

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