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The New Year’s classic “The Countess and the Butler” will become a TV series

The New Year’s classic “The Countess and the Servant” from 1963 has been an obvious feature of New Year’s Eve over the years. Now reporting The Guardian that a TV series is planned that takes place 50 years before the original.

Photo: The Countess and the butler

“The Countess and the Butler”, or “Dinner for one” as it is actually called, is the New Year’s classic that has been shown on television throughout the years. The comic short is about the possibly demented Miss Sophie and her butler James. During a dinner party, he assumes the role of her various guests, all of whom have died over the years. An eternal toast leads to the butler becoming increasingly drunk.

The new production is instead titled “Dinner for five” and takes place in 1921, i.e. 50 years before the original. In the new film, the wealthy Miss Sophie will be wooed by five suitors at her stately estate, and it is the German production company UFA that will film the production in 2023. The original is a permanent feature in SVT’s New Year’s celebrations.

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