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The new The Karate Kid movie is not related to Cobra Kai • ENTER.CO

You can put your theories aside now. It has already been confirmed that, despite what many wanted, the next The Karate Kid movie is not related in any way to Cobra Kai.

The data comes from none other than one of the creators of the Netflix show, John Hurwitz, who was asked on Twitter if he knew anything about the next film in the franchise. Hurwitz responded that at the moment he doesn’t know much about the film and, more importantly, that none of his cast members are involved with the film.

“The boys and I would love to do Karate Kid and Cobra Kai movies and hope to do so one day. But this one is not for us, nor is it focused on the cast of Cobra Kai. I don’t know much about it, but I wish him the best. #KarateKid #CobraKai.”

It’s a shame, because one of the things that they liked the most about Cobra Kai was the opportunity to explore these characters with new lenses. The character of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) in particular has been given a level of depth that even puts the original movies into new lenses.

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That said, it also makes a lot of sense that the new The Karate Kid movie isn’t related to Cobra Kai. On the one hand, the show is its own world and with five seasons it has told most of the things it had to tell: Johnny and Daniel’s (Ralph Macchio) experience as senseis, as well as the resolution of their rivalry, a new generation of karate champions, the return of classic villains… there’s not much else to explore here.

The second reason is that Cobra Kai is for classic fans. Sony, on the other hand, surely wants to bet on a new generation of The Karate Kid fans who know the story from these new characters. Hopefully his treatment of the franchise won’t end up transforming everything that made it memorable, in exchange for a couple of easy memes and stories (something even Cobra Kai does from time to time).

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