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The new picture of Jessica Simpson shocks the fans

A new picture of Jessica Simpson has caused concern among the star’s fans. “There’s something not right here,” one person commented on the photo, which was posted on Simpson’s Instagram account the other week.

Footer: Instagram @jessicasimpson

It was when Jessica Simpson recently posted a picture of herself wearing her old cheerleader jacket that the star received a strong response on Instagram.

The fans: “Not healthy”

Many of The Simpsons’ fans have recently expressed concern for their idol, who has previously opened up about his fight against alcoholism. In her latest Instagram post, she’s wearing a jacket from when she was in eighth grade, which in the US means thirteen or fourteen.

Several followers believe that it is worrying that the jacket fits the 42-year-old and say that she does not look like herself:

“Jessica Simpson looks very different,” writes one person. “Is she okay? It looks like she’s still losing weight.”

Another person commented: “I’m just curious what signals it sends to your daughter when you, as a grown woman, are proud to dress up in the clothes you wore as a teenager. It’s not realistic for most people.”

“What has happened in the last few months? There is something not right here,” writes another person.

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