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The new moon of July is approaching: 4 signs will be the most affected

Every time a new moon approaches, the universe gives us the opportunity to press the start button and start cycles in any aspect, from the astrological point of view. The one that is about to happen is presented under the sign of Leo, which means that his energy will be more powerful for our confidence, but his effects will not be felt the same in all signs, in fact, Predictions predict that 4 will be the most affected.

The new moon will take place on July 28 and its meaning is associated with how we express. Leo rules the sense of identity and its energy is maximized because this sign is the only one ruled by the Sun, the astrological planet related to our personality. This means that we will feel extremely safe to share what we think with others, and if we offend them, we will not need to apologize.

According to Elite Daily, this new moon encourages us to focus on ourselves to discover what aligns with our interests and what does not. This internal challenge will be felt more by the fixed signs of the zodiac and will be expressed as follows:

The Taurus of April are not the same as those of May.
Taurus will receive recognition from their relatives. Photo: Shutterstock

The themes of home and family life will experience new beginnings, and that is that he will adopt the role of leader with those closest to him. You will be inclined to be the center of attention. You will receive recognition from your relatives, this energy could prompt you to embark on a new adventure. From a general perspective, you will find things that align with your sense of identity.

Leo symbol.
The July new moon occurs in Leo. Photo: Shutterstock

Naturally falling into this zodiac sign, the July new moon will be more powerful for Leo, who could experience a reset on his path related to how he authentically expresses himself. On the day of this lunation your confidence will be at its highest and it will be the right time to start a new project or make an extra personal effort.

The new moon in Leo will be awkward for Scorpio. Photo: Shutterstock

Your personality will shine like few times in the year, however, Scorpio is a reserved sign, so might feel a bit awkward during the new moon. However, it will encourage him to come out of his shell and it will be the perfect time to launch the project he has been thinking about or working on for a long time.

Aquarius will be able to feel the affection of their loved ones. Photo: Shutterstock

This new moon will focus on your relationships. People will feel an impulse to show appreciation, and the stars suggest Aquarius accept this affection.. Although it is not a sign that likes physical or verbal displays of affection, you must think that you deserve it and allow yourself to be loved.

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