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The new feature that comes to Instagram paid subscriptions • ENTER.CO

Earlier this year, Instagram announced the launch of paid subscriptions. Through them, the followers of celebrities and mainly of content creators, can pay a subscription plan, so they will have access to exclusive content. Among the benefits announced at that time, are the exclusive stories, live only for paid subscribers and a badge that identifies them as subscribers.

Now, Instagram is testing the exclusive feed content option. That is, those users who pay for a subscription in the account of a content creator will be able to access exclusive traditional publications. This was announced by Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram through a publication on his Instagram account where he also mentioned that the social network aims to become “the best place online for creators to earn a living.”

On the other hand, the CEO of Instagram mentioned that the new features that are coming are the result of feedback collected from the initial phase of the project. It should be remembered that the subscription plans are in the initial testing phase, which has exclusively reached US influencers. Precisely, it was these who have made the positive and negative reviews of the subscription plan, from there come the improvements and new functions.

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Mosseri argued that the main request the social network had received was for exclusive feed posts. According to the CEO, there will be a new “subscriber start” tab in the profiles of influencers who have subscription plans. Once logged into this section, subscribers will be able to filter the photos and reels that are exclusively available to them. In addition to this new feature, Instagram announced the option that will allow creators to chat via DM with up to 30 subscribers simultaneously.

At the moment, we only have prices for the United States, which range from $0.99 to $99.99. Once users pay for the subscription, they will receive a purple badge indicating their support for a creator. Although the option is only available in the US, Mosseri acknowledges that the subscription plan must be expanded to other continents and countries. “This is just one step on a much longer road to giving creators around the world a wide range of tools to make a living online,” said Instagram CEO.


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