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The new detail reveals Gerard Piqué’s infidelity – long before he and Shakira separated

An old Zoom interview suggests soccer player Gerard Piqué cheated on Shakira long before the two split — a fact that leaves the artist “devastated,” according to a source Page Six.

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It was in June 2022 that the world artist Shakira and her boyfriend of eleven years, the soccer player Gerard Piqué, went their separate ways. The couple, who have two children together, separated after rumors of infidelity on Piqué’s part.

Source on Shakira: “Devastated”

Piqué is today together with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti, who, alongside her PR studies, works for the sports star’s media company Kosmos. It now appears that Marti and Piqué have had a romance for quite some time – this is shown by a video from 2021 in which the footballer is interviewed via zoom.

Observant people have noticed that Marti appears in the video, which was made from Piqué and Shakira’s shared home. According to a source Page Six is Shakira “devastated” after the news, not least as she and Piqué are said to have been “happy together” at the time of the interview.

The source says that Shakira is “devastated after learning that this woman clearly felt at home in the house they shared with their children.”

The newspaper also writes that Shakira must have been traveling with the children when the interview took place, but that they “definitely were together then. It’s heartbreaking for her to hear that this affair has been going on a lot longer than she thought,” says the source.

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