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The new dance of Norma Palafox that blows up social networks (Video)

Norma Palafox, during the match of day 7 of the Clausura 2023 tournament.

Photo: Carlos Núñez Cubeyro / Imago7

Norma Palafox, current Cruz Azul footballer, uploaded a video dancing through his Tik Tok account and quickly went viral on all social networksleaving thousands of likes and comments.

The Cruz Azul player is very active on social networks and this time she wanted to give her more than two million followers on Tik Tok a choreography to the rhythm of Daddy Yankee.

Said publication where he appears with a very urban look, accompanied by a cap and a baggy shirt, had more than 21 thousand likes and thousands of positive comments. It is already customary for Norma Palafox to turn on the networks with her dances and go viral.

In the football field, Norma Palafox is currently in a Cruz Azul team that is not feeling entirely well since they barely add 8 points in 10 days and so far they are out of Concachampions positions.

Faced with this reality, the DT of the female La Máquina, Nicolás Morales, would have a foot and a half outside the team. The 25-year-old forward, Norma Palafox, arrived at the cement team in January of this year, coming from the AtlasUntil now, he hopes to improve his performance to contribute to the team’s cause.

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