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The new black moon will test 3 zodiac signs: your world can fall apart

The New Moon in Gemini on May 31 will shake up the lives of certain zodiac signs. In the sign of Gemini, it brings changing energies. After an eclipse in Scorpio last month, this New Moon invites us to experience new things. Stimulates movement and change. It is characteristic of Gemini to step out of the comfort zone and adapt to all kinds of environments. This New Moon will make us want to connect with each other and have material security to live new experiences. black moon will test 3 zodiac signs

This new cycle in Gemini will make us want to learn and expand our field of competence. The impact of this New Moon is strongly felt in certain zodiac signs, they will experience many changes. Find out who will feel the effects of the Gemini New Moon on May 31, 2022.

Which zodiac signs will see their life transformed with the New Moon in Gemini?

This New Moon in Gemini will bring many trials to these zodiac signs. It will turn their lives upside down causing many difficulties in their daily lives. This period can be intense for the representatives of these zodiac signs and leads them to take new initiatives to get out of their comfort zone. black moon will test 3 zodiac signs They will be sensitive to this new cycle and may lack grounding in their daily lives. This New Moon in Gemini can make them lose financial stability and change their routine. They may experience a loss of energy and lose self-confidence during this time.


Gemini energy is a very diverse communication energy. With the New Moon in this sign, Aries is encouraged to express their feelings and direct their emotions. It can create some tension in this expression because the natives of this Fire Monkey are not used to thinking before expressing what they feel. They may experience some conflicts in their professional environment and see their world turned upside down by a change of position. They have to accept losing control and stay calm. This downgrading of position can bring them a drop in purchasing power and they must review their needs downwards.


Geminis are likely to experience turmoil at work. They may be under a lot of pressure in their professional environment and miss deadlines. This New Moon in your sign invites Gemini to set new goals and step out of your comfort zone. However, they will have a hard time finding that anchor and will go through many twists and turns in their lives. They will feel isolated from those around them and will question everything. They are advised to think about saving because they can lose large sums of money.


With this New Moon in Gemini, Virgos will go through some transformations in their lives. This will lead them to pursue new goals to find a new balance. On a personal level, they will feel overwhelmed and feel that everyone around them is against them. Virgos in a relationship can encounter difficulties and singles will not have enough confidence in themselves to open up to others. This is not the right time to make important decisions or embark on new projects. During this cycle, they may experience a breakup or lose a friendship and will have to do some introspection.

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