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The new astrological year begins with the Aries cycle: how it impacts your sign

The season of Pisces, the last zodiac sign, is coming to an end and will end on March 20 when the spring equinox marks the beginning of the Aries cycle and the new astrological year.

As the ram is the first sign of the zodiacal calendar, its energy is associated with youth and new beginnings. Astrologers say that the vibe in the environment is similar to that of an excited child, likewise, it represents a period of flowering as it means the start of spring in the northern hemisphere.

What does the Aries cycle hold for you and the start of the new astrological year?

You may feel things deeper during the season of your birthday. Astrologer Dossé-Via told PopSugar.com that you might be more drawn to spending time with those closest to you. “Focus on doing what brings you joy,” she suggested.

The Aries cycle calls on your sign to not take things so seriously. This is the time to be more spontaneous, take advantage of unexpected opportunities and have fun without worries. “Laughing and playing more can be wonderful ways to reconnect with yourself,” said the astrologer.

You may feel more sociable and may even make new friends. The frank and confident energy of Aries will complement your social and intellectual interests for the next few weeks. The suggestion is to trust yourself.

The theme focuses on your work and professional sector as Aries will encourage you to express what is inside of you. Your sign should “ask directly for what they want and act as if it’s already theirs,” Dossé-Via suggested.

Now is the time to dream big because Aries will make you feel that anything is possible. “Leo may want to do everything during this season, but it is not necessary,” said the astrologer, so she recommended focusing on what is most important so as not to end up “burning out.”

The energy of Aries, in addition to making you feel more confident in yourself, will strengthen your relationship with money. The astrologer commented that now is a good time to negotiate contracts, make power moves and close collaborations.

Now is the time to tell the person you like how you feel about them, ask them out, or be more adventurous in love. Aries encourages you to channel that confidence and take the initiative. “The bolder Libra gets this season, the better.”

Your sign is called to take care of your mental, spiritual and physical health. Your inner self will channel Aries’s warrior attitude so he could become more flirtatious, lively, and bossy. It’s time to restructure your life, recommended Dossé-Via.

Since the Sun is in your fire partner Aries, you will benefit from its energy. The main themes of your sign this season will be exploration, love, creativity and adventure; It all sounds exciting, but you’ll need to keep your feet on the ground.

Your sign will focus on making important moves at home or family-related matters. “That could be setting clear boundaries about what worries them or letting others know if they need more support,” the astrologer said.

Aries season will make you feel more free, passionate, communicative and creative. The energy of this sign will be refreshing and exciting for you, you just have to have confidence in yourself to move forward on the path you want.

The main lesson that Aries season will teach you will be to learn to be selfish. When you understand that you must first attend to your needs before those of others, you will be able to prosper more. However, this will not happen overnight, the astrologer commented, it may take a few weeks.

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