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The movie “Wonder Woman 3” is canceled, due to the new policies of Warner Bros.

A third part of the “Wonder Woman” saga will not be filmed, due to decisions by the directors of Warner Bros.who in a few days will announce their plan for the premiere of the following films in the universe DC.

The future of films with the characters Black Adam and Superman (played by Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill, respectively) is also uncertain.as James Gunn Y peter safran -heads of DC Studios– could handle a reboot -o reboot– from the stories of various superheroes. just a few days ago gal gadot (who rose to world fame for his leading role in the film “Wonder Woman” of 2017) expressed in his account of instagram his excitement to work again with the director Patty Jenkinswho submitted the script treatment for a third Wonder Woman adventure, but Gunn and Safran weren’t sold on it.

A few months ago it was announced that the film Batgirl was cancelled, due to company policies; As for Cavill, he gave up on doing a new season of the series Netflix “The Witcher” for playing Superman once again, sharing his decision on his social networks. And although new films of the characters Aquaman and The Flash will be released next year, The fate of DC’s superheroes on the big screen will be revealed next week.

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