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The most vengeful zodiac signs after a breakup

After a breakup, each person can react in different ways. While some do not feel like anything and lock themselves in the room, others prefer to go out and hang out with friends to try to have a bitter time. However, there are those who see their pride so hurt that they immediately take revenge on their ex-partner. It turns out that the zodiac signs have a lot to tell us about these reactions.

According to astrology, some signs do not channel emotional wounds well when they end them, so they are usually quite vindictive. They are one of those who hold resentment and beyond being hurt, what causes their resentment is that they attacked their ego.

Who are the most vengeful signs of the zodiac after suffering a love breakup? Find out who we are talking about below.

As your partner tells you why you are ending it, you feed your anger until you can’t take it anymore and it explodes. Scorpio does not tolerate being betrayed, and when he is suddenly cut off, he sees it as a great offense. He will make sure to humiliate his ex just as they did to him, which is why astrologers say that his revenge is usually ruthless.

It is the proudest sign of the Zodiac and what can unleash its vengeful instinct the most is its hurt ego. For a Leo, his public image is the most important thing and breaking up with him is one of the worst humiliations. If you plan to cut off a relationship with Leo, you must prepare yourself to suffer serious consequences.

Unlike Scorpio, Taurus does not react in the moment, their revenge is cold and calculated. He takes his time to ensure that his ex pays for his mistakes by channeling all of his anger and spite into his Machiavellian plan. As if that were not enough, although the bull can forgive, he will never forget.

As they are ruled by the Moon, Cancerians have a hard time controlling their emotions. Certain situations arouse his thirst for revenge, one of which is a love breakup for no reason. If they feel that they have been treated unfairly, they will not hesitate to retaliate in the worst ways.

For the preparation of this list, the opinion of astrologers was taken as a basis in a review previously published on the Best Life Online site.

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