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The most obsessive-compulsive zodiac signs, according to astrologers

The risk of suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder could be determined by the starsAt least that’s what astrologers think. While all zodiac signs can be prone to mental illnesses associated with their personality, there are those who are more likely to suffer from OCD.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is a mental condition that consists of exhibit unwanted thought patterns, called obsessions, which cause repetitive behaviors (compulsions), according to a definition of doctors on the Mayo Clinic site. These obsessions can trigger anxiety and emotional distress.

According to astrologers, the natal chart can reveal a lot of information about our behaviors, including unhealthy tendenciess, however, highlight that only a health specialist can diagnose us. Next, we tell you which signs are the most obsessive compulsive.

Both zodiacal signs are located in the first place because both are ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules the mind and thought. Astrologer and therapist Lauren Donelson explained to Horoscope.com that Virgo and Gemini tend to think and analyze too much.

“When they get overly stressed, feel out of control, or experience trauma, this can lead to obsessive-compulsive tendencies,” he said.

In particular, he said that Gemini struggles with repetitive thoughts or compulsions, while Virgo is more prone to mental health problems due to their liking for order and perfection.

In this way, people with sun signs, ascendants or with 3 planets located in their natal chart in Gemini and Virgo, are more likely to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In the second position are the rising sun signs Capricorn. The reason, according to the expert, is because are ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, hard work and reputation. When this energy is overactive they can suffer from this mental condition.

Scorpios are in the third and last position of this list, a sign that is very passionate. Donelson said that they tend to be very immersed in their thoughts and in what other people say to them, for example, if someone calls their attention, they tune out everything else and latch on to that action.

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