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The most important announcements of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in 2022 • ENTER.CO

Video game lovers had an appointment this Sunday and it wasn’t exactly with the church. Xbox kept its tradition, even without E3, and this Sunday it had its presentation with announcements, previews and news about its video game ecosystem for 2022 and beyond.

The presentation came with expectations of… well, not knowing what to expect. On the Xbox side there were some IPs that we were hoping to hear about, like Hellblade or Forza, but we weren’t really sure if there was anything to get excited about. On the Bethesda side, the outlook was not much better, considering that the studio had already announced that Starfield and Redfall would not arrive this year, so it was certain that any update against both games would be landed on a release in 2023…

How did Microsoft fare with its Xbox and Bethesda Showcase announcements in 2022? For you to decide, we have the list of the most important announcements of the day.


Bethesda’s four-person action shooter was the game that started the day. In Redfall you are part of a team that seeks to survive the invasion of vampires on the island where they live. The first trailer focused on showing much of the gameplay of the title.

Hollow Knight: Silk Song

No. This time the Internet is not playing the troll. Hollow Knight: Silksong showed us more about the aesthetics that the game will have, the gameplay, it made us specify about the mechanics and, most importantly, it has closed a meme. There are no details on when it will come out, but we know it will be within the next 12 months.

Riot games are coming to Game Pass

One of the most important news of the day. Riot Games will join Xbox and its games will be available from Game Pass. The great advantage will be that people with access to the service will have benefits like all the champions or characters available. Be careful, the games remain only on the same platforms as always (Xbox and Mobile).

A Plague Tale: Requiem – End of Innocence

Forza Motorsport

The most recent preview of Forza delivered on what we’ve come to expect from its previews: it showed us new visual fidelity upgrades, with Ray Tracing once again taking center stage in its promise of realism. The exit window remains open for spring 2023.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft continues to expand its franchise, this time with a strategic action game inspired by Brutal Legends (the game from Double Fine Productions and published by Electronic Art). The title didn’t get a release window but, again, we should have a date and update in the next 12 months.

Devil IV

The Diablo IV presentation focused on introducing the new class: the Necromancer. The trailer also introduced new technical details about the game, as well as set the game’s release window for 2023.

Persona games are coming to Game Pass

Confirming another one of the leaks before the event, Persona 3, 4 and 5 are coming to Game Pass and PC. The ports do not appear to have any additional content and will not be a simultaneous release, but will be scaled (ie one by one). starting with Persona 5 Royale on PC on October 21.

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