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the most important announcements of Anime Expo • ENTER.CO

We die of envy on this side of the pond! This weekend the city of Los Angeles welcomed thousands of anime fans to the Anime Expo (AX), the largest anime convention of the year. Not only is it a spectacular event because of the amazing cosplay, guest artists, or things you can buy, but because every year this stage is used to host an announcement marathon for the anime industry.

Of course, it’s possible to miss out on some of the bigger announcements. That is why at ENTER.CO we have prepared this short summary with some of the most important announcements from the 2022 Anime Expo event.

Mushoku Tensei, second season

One of the most acclaimed isekai of 2021 returns sooner than expected. Mushoku Tensei presented his new preview and confirmed that his release window is planned for 2023. The first preview shows us a small part of the next arc to be adapted (of which we will omit the name to avoid spoilers).

only leveling

Crunchyroll picks up on the Manwa adaptations with the first adaptation of Solo Leveling. Although it may seem like a minor name among this weekend’s announcements, we know that for fans of the story this is excellent news, especially considering that it will be adapted with A1-Pictures (who are on an impressive run). A little more patience, because the anime will not arrive until 2023.

Mob Psycho 3

The good news is that we can expect a new Mob Psycho 3 PV soon (because it was shown at their Anime Expo panel). The bad news is that it is not yet available globally. That said, we do have new visual art for Season 3. Not many additional details, aside from MOB CHOIR performing the opening and the anime coming via Crunchyroll in October.

Record of Ragnarok: Season 2

Despite the criticism his animation received, Netflix is ​​betting on a second season of Record of Ragnarok. The trailer focuses mainly on the upcoming fight (Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper), but little glimpses anticipate that the second season will certainly touch on the fifth and sixth fights. For now the premiere window remains for 2023.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean: Part 2

Keeping with the trend of second parts on Netflix, the new preview of the second part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean was also presented. The new batch of chapters maintains Netflix as its streaming platform and the marathon model instead of simulcasts. The second part will consist of 12 new chapters and premieres on September 1 of this year.

Pantyhose & Stockings

Of the things that no one expected. After the cliffhanger of its last episode, Panty & Stocking returns almost a decade later, now that Trigger has acquired the rights to the adaptation. Not many details were given about the project, apart from a teaser (which has not been released publicly) and for now the new adaptation does not have a premiere window.

Bleach: Saga of the Thousand Year Blood War

A new teaser for the anime adaptation of Bleach’s latest arc (which had not received animation so far) was released. The studio in charge is Pierrot. The teaser is focused on presenting the two factions that will face each other: the Seireitei shinigami, vs. the Wandenreich. The anime will air in October this year and in addition to the teaser we also received a visual art (which has the same concept as Shinigami vs Quincy).


For lovers of Shonen comes the confirmation that MASHLE will have an anime. Hajime Kōmoto’s manga recently kicked off its final arc in the pages of Jump. The first teaser does not reveal much about the anime, but it does give us a first visual art of the anime, as well as a premiere window (2023).

Trigun Stampede

One of the most anticipated previews of the Anime Expo. The first teaser in the series expanded on the details of the project, as well as showing us what this CG version of his story will look like. Trigun Stampede apparently wants to distance himself from the first anime by adding a more dramatic tone to the character. The series is scheduled for its premiere in 2023.

Images: ENTER.CO

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