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The most important announcements from Gamescom’s Opening Night Live

You may not even have known that Gamescom was taking place this week. However, lack of knowledge is not an excuse for you to miss out on the biggest announcements at Opening Night, which is the kickoff event of the gaming convention.

For this reason, at thousandsofinfo we have created a list with the most important announcements that you should know about this Tuesday’s event. August 23. More importantly, because we know that time is money (or more time to play).

Sony Dual Sense Edge

Although it is still almost impossible to get a PS5, Sony this week presented its new elite controller. The main value it brings is in the aesthetic options that you can customize.

The Callisto Protocol

New trailer for Krafton’s upcoming horror game, highlighting the gory gameplay we can expect. The departure date remains for December 2, 2022.

moving out 2

For those who enjoyed the chaos of managing a move with their friends, a sequel to Moving Out has been revealed and is in development and will include a co-op campaign mode.

Hogwarts Legacy

After announcing that the Harry Potter-inspired game is delayed until 2023, the latest teaser reminds us of the same story we’ve been playing for the past 3 years. #Yei.

sonic frontiers

November has been confirmed as the release date for Sonic Frontiers (after it was leaked a few hours earlier). More gameplay for you to mention how disappointed you are.

Goat Simulator 3

After a first teaser in the week of Non-E3, we finally have a first trailer for the game: chaos, goats without respect for personal space and yoga. The classic.

Return to Monkey Island

The new teaser confirms that the game’s release date is September 19, so you have less than a month to explain to your closest friend why the internet went insane with the announcement of a new Monkey Island.

Genshin Impact

The new sneak peek gave us our first look at Genshin Impact’s new region: Sumeru, as well as update 3.0.

Kojima now has a podcast

Yes. Hideo Kojima took to the Gamescom stage to announce that he will now have a podcast on Spotify. This is all. This is the trill.


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