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the most frequently asked questions about this service!

Many have heard of one of Netflix’s biggest competitors in the streaming market: Amazon Prime. However, a good part still doesn’t seem to know well what this North American service platform really is and how it works exactly.

What this article covers:

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers a very interesting number of benefits to those who subscribe.

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The platform arrived in Brazil in 2019 and brought with it its main differential when compared to competitors: a set of services available exclusively to subscribers, among the benefits offered by the platform there is Amazon Prime Video, streaming platform, Prime Music, Prime Reading and plus others.

What are the services derived from Amazon Prime?

Subscribed Amazon Prime offers free shipping on the purchase of products with the Prime seal in the Amazon store, exclusive offers and derivative services.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is the streaming service whose main function is to make available to the user a series of films, Amazon exclusive series, documentaries and countless other video products licensed by other companies.

The Amazon Prime Video it can also be easily accessed through Android and IOS cell phones, Smart TVs and video games, such as PS4 and Xbox One.


In addition to the various video content accessed through Prime Video, there is also the enjoyment of listening to over two million songs without the stressful presence of ads.

As with Prime Video, the Prime Music music service has its application available for Android and IOS devices in their respective digital stores to be downloaded for free and enjoyed anywhere.

Prime Reading

Amazon actually has a separate plan for reading a wide range of books on Kindle, through the Kindle Unlimited subscription, but for Prime subscribers, there is Prime Reading which has a much smaller list of books, but there are still hundreds of books at the mercy of Prime customers.

Amazon Prime FAQs

These are some doubts that many individuals have about Amazon Prime, perhaps because they do not know exactly what it is and what it offers, which ends up contributing to a certain degree of fear about Amazon.

However, once these issues are resolved, you will find that it is nothing too difficult to understand and extremely beneficial.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

The monthly subscription fee for Amazon Prime is probably its main attraction in the competition, as the value of BRL 9.00 is extremely affordable and is certainly a fair price to pay for the number of benefits offered by Prime.

For those who prefer the annual subscription, there is a very friendly discount to reduce the total amount. The amount is paid in a single installment of R$89, which would be R$7.42 per month.

It is also important to remember that there is a 30-day free trial period for new users.

How many screens does Amazon Prime Video support?

The transmission of this service is limited to three screens during the same period of use.

Is free shipping unlimited for all purchases made on Amazon Prime?

Yes, all purchases of products that carry the Prime seal have free shipping regardless of price and there is no limit for purchases with free shipping.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime subscription can be carried out simply through the Amazon Brazil website by accessing the area dedicated to Amazon Prime. It is worth noting that the entire procedure requires the user to have an Amazon account, so if you do not have one, you must create one.

After entering the Prime area of ​​the site, click on “free trial for 30 days”. Now just choose your payment method, whether the plan will be monthly or annual. After that, add the payment method and finally, Amazon will confirm the data related to the card and the account will enter the trial period for 30 days.

How to cancel Amazon Prime?

To cancel the service is also not an exhaustive task. The procedure can be done at the Prime Central subscription center. When accessing, go to the “signature” field and, shortly after, interact with “update, cancel and more”.

Click on “Cancel subscription and benefits” and you will have two options: cancel immediately or be reminded of the cancellation three days before the subscription is renewed.

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