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The most exuberant houses in the world

Made of wood, tin, stones, containers, bamboo or other types of materials, the most exuberant houses in the world they draw attention both for their shape and appearance, in addition to also standing out for the places where they were erected, in certain situations.

House nestled in the middle of a mountain, in Switzerland, draws a lot of attention (Photo: Disclosure)

Located by the sea, in rural areas, nestled in the mountains, on the edge of cliffs or in the midst of regions where snow predominates most of the year, such as lush houses have been developed from many creativity of architects.

To escape conventional models, those who designed these residences certainly sought inspiration in modern and innovative styles, but many of the architects they also looked for references in the past, without forgetting the ideas considered ahead of their time, many times.

tree house: photos

The most beautiful houses in the world

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The most exuberant houses in the world

House built at the height of the trees, in Costa Rica, allows a wide view of the sea (Photo: Disclosure)

Between the most lush houses in the world there is the summer house carved into a mountain in Switzerland; the mobile country house, developed by an American designer; the house in style Bauhaus, located in California (USA); and a modernist house that blends into the plains, located in Argentina.

Also included in this select group of residences, a Treehouse built facing the sea, in the Costa Rica, draws attention to the size and boldness of the shapes. In fact, it is not a traditional tree house, but a residence raised above the trees, supported by metallic columns, in the middle of a sloping terrain and dense forest.

The best solution found by the architects, to preserve the vegetation and still offer views of the sea from any room in the house, was to build the house so that it “floated” at the height of the treetops. All made of wood, the house has an exuberant view of the Pacific Ocean🇧🇷

Images of the most exuberant houses in the world

Bauhaus style home in California

Discover other most lush houses in the world Check out the images in the gallery below.

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