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The men of the zodiac who play with the hearts of women

When it comes to love some zodiac men play their cards too well and turn out to be heartthrobs. Fortunately, the horoscope and astrology can make it easier to detect which signs are the ones that tend to stroke the ego of women, but they will never seriously commit themselves.

Some women may think that after flirting with these signs they misinterpreted things, when in the end they only see them as friends or do not take the next step, but the reality is that They are masters of charm and want to get your attention.perhaps because they are narcissistic or because they have trouble committing to someone.

Astrology reveals which Zodiac men have these traits in their cosmic personality and which can trigger the “trickster” behavior in love. Based on an analysis carried out by YourTango, we are talking about the following signs:

Gemini men are stereotyped as being two-faced, and according to astrology, they don’t always show both at the same time. For this reason, they head this list of the men of the Zodiac who play with the hearts of women.

If this sign hates something, it is being alone, so you could discover that not only has he invited you on a date, but he has already gone out with other suitors before or after. “If you are falling in love with a Gemini, watch out! You are probably not the only one in his sight” sentenced the YouTango.com horoscope.

Just like the Gemini man, Libra can’t bear the thought of being alonethat’s why he will make sure to touch the hearts of two or more women to ensure the company of someone who wants to hang out with him.

Also, these men are usually quite indecisive; they will need many simultaneous dates to decide which partner they want to be with. In the process, he can break the hearts of many, which is why with Libra the rules of the game must be established from the beginning.

The Sagittarius Man keeps the possibilities alive with several suitorsNot because he’s evil, but because he’s not ready to settle down. He loves to have fun and play between the lines of friendship and lovers, which only causes confusion.

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