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The meme with which Elon Musk responded to criticism for withdrawing from the Twitter business • ENTER.CO

The story between Twitter and Elon Musk continues to give new chapters. After the businessman finally decided to withdraw from the purchase of the social network, the company’s response was immediate. The same Friday that the cancellation of what promised to be one of the most important transactions of the year was made official, AFP revealed that Twitter will prepare a lawsuit against Elon Musk for a sum that is still unknown.

The tycoon’s decision was based on the “numerous times” that Twitter refused to provide data on the actual number of spam accounts on the platform, so that they could be evaluated by third parties. This is how it is read in the official document that Musk’s lawyers delivered to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also on his Twitter account where he has alluded to the subject several times… with memes.

The first was published at almost midnight on July 10. In it, Musk not only questioned the change in position that, according to him, Twitter has had regarding the offer to buy the social network for US $ 44,000 million, but also made fun of the current scenario in which the company finds itself. In his personal account, the businessman goes as far as to suggest that, by refusing to deliver the real data of the status of the accounts on the platform, Twitter seeks to take advantage of the value initially offered, in an advantageous way.

The truth is that Twitter is not going through a good time. Between the blocking of the social network in Russia, Musk’s behavior and the media consequences that have been triggered by the responses that the company has given regarding the information requested by the businessman, the value of Twitter shares has fallen considerably. When Elon Musk made his final offer, the value of each share was located at USD $45.85 and this Monday, July 11, it is trading at USD $33.45.

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