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the medieval touch you won’t want to miss

View from the castle, Penedono is a medieval village. But if you look closer, there’s much more to pay attention to. Follow our roadmap.

Our country is rich in villages and towns with a lot of history, heritage and ancient legacies. Penedono is one of them. Located in the extreme limits of Beira, next to the terraces of the Douro Demarcated Region, its landscape and architecture do not leave those who pass by indifferent.

Still in the district of Viseu, with about 1100 inhabitants and at an altitude of 923 meters, its most famous monument is its imposing castle. However, there is no lack of other places to visit in a region that, little by little, is conquering its space in domestic tourism.

What to do in Penedono

visit the castle

In the center of the village of boulder its imposing medieval castle stands out, whose construction dates back to the year 960.

Penedono Castle, also known as Castelo do Magriço, is an imposing military fortress, which served as a stage for battles throughout the 11th century. It was in the hands of Christians and Islamic hands, and later of the kings D. Dinis, D. Fernando and D. Manuel I.

In 1910, it was classified as a National Monument, and between 1943 and 1953 it underwent restoration work, which allowed the good preservation of the work until today.

Inside the walls you will also find elements full of history, such as the cistern and the walkway. Be sure to climb to its top, almost a thousand meters high, to enjoy the view.

At the foot of the castle you will also find the pillory, which has been a Public Interest Building since 1933, and which attracts many visitors.

Go to the Medieval Fair

At the beginning of July, the village of Penedono offers young and old a trip to the past, through medieval experiences.

The Medieval Fair takes place in the historic center and visitors have the opportunity to watch duels of honor, performances by jesters and muleteers, while savoring the local cuisine.

The highlight is, without a doubt, the Castle Assault, where dozens of extras act with historical rigor for the conquest and defense of the castle.

Discover the Town Hall

Also known as Solar dos Freixos, the former Solar dos Coutinhos, Condes de Marialva, was built in the eighties of the 20th century and donated to the City Council, to be converted into the Town Hall building.

A large part of the public services of the Municipality of Penedono operate here. Access to the second floor is via a stone staircase, from the inner courtyard, where there are some replicas of medieval war weapons.

Also be sure to visit the gardens in the surrounding area, made up of century-old trees.

The village of Penedono dates back to the foundation of the nationality

Taste the local cuisine

The majority of the county lives mainly from the chestnut harvest, and its main market is the United States of America.

The gastronomy is rich in everything the earth offers, and simplicity is key. Traditional dishes such as cod or octopus, as well as meat such as oven-roasted kid, always accompanied by chestnuts, are the village’s calling card.

Pig slaughter, carried out in the cold winter months, continues to be a tradition in Penedono, not only because it unites the neighboring populations, but also sustains them.

Jump to Marialva

Be sure to visit the neighboring municipality, Guarda, and visit Marialva, one of the twelve historic villages in Portugal.

Marialva is divided into three main population agglomerations: the Citadel which corresponds to the buildings inside the walls, the Vila which developed outside the walls and where the inhabitants live, and Devesa which corresponds to the territories at the foot of the mountain and which are linked to pasture. of the animals.

Marialva was one of the main stages of the Portuguese war, and even today it displays several landmarks, such as the castle.

Viewpoint of Sao Salvador do Mundo

If you’re curious, don’t miss the historic villages route and get to know the other eleven villages, which have so much to see and visit.

End the journey in São João da Pesqueira, with a view over the Douro River, which the Miradouro de São Salvador do Mundo offers.

The main feature of the viewpoint is the river valley and its tributaries, creating a landscape of great beauty, complemented by the enormous slopes, which contrast with the vineyards, olive trees and orchards.

Visiting Penedono is not only the certainty of returning to Portuguese roots, but also the certainty of days of rest surrounded by nature and wonderful landscapes.

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