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The MCU’s Daredevil will be much less serious and dark • ENTER.CO

What can we expect from the MCU’s Daredevil? The creator of the Hulk series tells us that we will see him in a different light.

She-Hulk premieres this week on Disney+. The new MCU series will bring a considerable number of new characters to the MCU, such as Tim Roth’s Abomination or Jamela Jamil’s Titania. But a cameo that we have been promised since the advance is the first appearance of Daredevil (in a suit) in the MCU.

His appearance is the advance for the Charlie Cox series that we will see somewhere and that will make the Hells Kitchen vigilante one of the confirmed heroes of the MCU. We’re looking forward to the show not only because Cox is a fan favorite, but also because we want answers about the connection this version has to the Netflix original series.

Regardless of this, fans should be prepared for something already. Not only Daredevil’s suit has changed with his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This new version will be much less dark and serious.

The comments come from Jessica Gao, the creator and head writer of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. Prior to the show’s premiere, Gao shared with fans, via an interview with The Direct, some details about this character’s first appearance and how he sets a new ‘tone’ for Daredevil:

“Charlie is so wonderful. He is willing to do whatever he is, and he is a wonderful actor and a wonderful human being. What was so fun about bringing him and Daredevil into our world is that people have already seen a Daredevil who is very dramatic, a little heavy, very dark, disturbing. And it was really fun to be able to do it, and we do this with every character cameo from the MCU, we take them from the environment that you meet them in, which is a much more dramatic and action-oriented role, much more on the serious side, and we bring them into our world and they can play in the tone of She-Hulk. And they were able to explore and we were able to see a lighter side of that character.”

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Although the creator’s creator’s comments don’t speak to the Daredevil series, it’s likely that this first cameo is an indicator of the new Daredevil we can expect for the MCU. The Marvel universe has always been characterized by having a more familiar tone and much less dark than other modern adaptations. In fact, the mere inclusion of Netflix series made it necessary for the streaming service to modify its standards on Disney +. Shows like Moon Knight have managed to maintain the idea of ​​the vigilante and darkness, but they also accompany it with the humor and light tone that Marvel Studios puts into their productions. It’s hard to believe that Marvel has gone to the effort to bring back their Daredevil, only to do the same as Netflix.

Gao also shared that it was a surprise for the team to be able to use Daredevil in the series: “Well, first of all, we were surprised that we could use him. Like, when we first heard that he was on the table, I mean, we couldn’t believe it. We kept thinking, ‘Okay, at some point, someone is going to say ‘Just kidding.’ Like, ‘It’s a cruel joke, and you can’t actually have it on the show.’

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law premieres exclusively on Disney+ on June 18.

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