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The Materialist wreaked havoc with a babydoll in La Casa de Los Famosos 3

La Materialista, Dominican singer and participant of La Casa de los Famosos 3.

Photo: Telemundo. / Courtesy

The reality of Telemundo Y Televisa continues to wreak havoc. They already have the first eliminated, who was Jonathan Islands. they returned liliana rodriguez Y john rivera. But the one that began to raise the temperature in The House of the Famous 3 The Dominican was the interpreter of “The plate that vibrates“, The Materialist.

Yameiry Infante, as his real name is. She showed up at the time go to sleep with a baby doll of black lace that left little to the imagination. Very sure of herself, she climbed on her bed and even joked with her. Osmael Sousa leaving him a photo: “Take it and see if you change your mind,” he said jokingly The Materialist.

Of course, everyone’s eyes went straight to their protruding attributes. but own Aylin Mujica wanted to show off his partner and asked The Materialist take her into the next room so everyone could see the babydoll outfit that she wore to sleep. Upon entering, they all made different gestures but ended up joking and laughing with the irreverence of The Materialist.

The Materialist and Liliana Rodríguez do not like each other

Although the environment so far has been fairly clean of conflicts in The House of the Famous 3already a Dominican participant said that liliana He had made some unfortunate comment to her and that he would know that, although the discussions would exist, he considered it a waste of time to do so with the Venezuelan.

Secondly, The Group King It is another who does not like much with the daughter of José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”. In fact, he couldn’t hide his face when he saw him return to LCDLF to Liliana. She was happy for her “compa” john riverabut she clearly does not plan to leave the easy way for the actress, singer and entertainer.

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