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The make-up artist advises: How to clean your make-up tools

“Dirt, dust and bacteria not only prevent your make-up tools from maintaining their quality, they can be a contributing factor to unclean and unbalanced skin,” says Metro Mode’s former blogger Evelina Andersson. Here she gives her best tips on how to clean your make-up tools and thus also keep your skin clean.

Photo: Evelina Andersson Metro Mode/Unsplash

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes and sponges? If you stake care of your make-up tools correctly, they can last for many years and your skin will be grateful that you apply your make-up with clean tools, Evelina writes in a blog post.

She also advises cleaning your make-up tools often – every two weeks can be a good benchmark.

“Many people think that your face is clean when you apply makeup, and think that the brushes don’t get so dirty…. Imagine how your skin cream lies and soaks in day after day between the brush bristles and make-up residue – cozy, huh?”, writes Evelina.

Evelina’s tips on how to clean your make-up tools

– Wet the brushes gently with lukewarm water and then clean them with a mild hair shampoo or a soap specially designed for make-up brushes. Circulate the brush in the palm of your hand and add new water until the brush feels clean.

– Gently squeeze out excess water and then let the brush dry lying flat on a towel and air dry. Sdo not count the brushes with the handle downwards, i.e. let them dry in e.g. a glass! This causes the water that is left in the brushes to run down the shaft, which can result in the glue that holds the bristles in place loosening up and causing your brush to start losing hair.

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