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The main types of doors

When building or renovating a house, it is common to have doubts about which door model matches the residential structure. There are many options on the market, which take into account the needs of indoor and outdoor environments.

O type of door chosen needs to be consistent with the project proposal, in addition to combining with other elements, such as windows. In order not to regret the acquisition, the property owner must consider the importance of the door in the residence, the correct dimensions of the opening and the aesthetics that he wants to obtain with the product.

The door not only contributes to the visual effect of the house, it also influences the security and privacy of the property. In this way, it is very important to evaluate the quality of the material before buying a door, making sure of its strength and durability.

When the door is installed in a place that gives access to the external area, it needs to be even more resistant to withstand the actions of the sun, wind and rain, without suffering damage. In the case of the internal door, it is free to present a more beautiful finish with effects that contribute to the decoration.

One aspect that must be considered when choosing the door is the manufacturing material. Usually doors are made of wood, steel, PVC, glass and aluminum. The raw material used ends up influencing the characteristics of the piece, such as flexibility, weather resistance and thermal comfort.

Design also deserves consideration when choosing, so assess whether the house matches a sliding door model, accordion, pivolante, shrimp, among others.

What this article covers:

Residential door models

Check out the main types of doors and its characteristics according to the material of manufacture:

Shrimp Holder: A great option for those who want something different for their home. One of the advantages of the shrimp door is that it takes up less space because of its opening, the door opens and its layers are aligned.

solid wood door: It can be used both outdoors and indoors, being able to protect the home. Its aesthetics are usually worked on, making the piece more charming and sophisticated.

solid wood door

aluminum door: flexible and modern, the piece guarantees several advantages to residents. It resists corrosion, especially when it is anodized. The material does not have much resistance to impact and does not favor the issue of insulation, thermal or acoustic.

black aluminum door

Steel door: features durability, weather resistance and easy maintenance.

black steel door

tempered glass door: guarantees greater clarity inside the house and combines with the proposal of contemporary decoration. With a bold design, the piece mainly explores its transparency to make the property more charming and sophisticated.

tempered glass door

PVC door: usually presents a beautiful aesthetic, which follows the customer’s taste. Its structure is made of steel, which guarantees more resistance. By adopting a PVC door at home, you get great acoustic and thermal insulation.

pvc door

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