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The Magic of Light: The Story of a Lantern Keeper

What were the names of those who lit lanterns?

Day after day the lamplighters climbed his ladder, cleaned the windows and lit the lantern. That was his routine. At dawn they had to turn them all off. Each lamplighter was responsible for the state of the lanterns he had assigned and had to pay for damages within the lamp in case they occurred.

What does the lamplighter do?

Electricity entailed the end of the trade that the sculpture commemorates, ‘because then until that moment the lamplighters were in charge of turning on, maintaining, cleaning and turning off the lanterns on a daily basis.

How did the lamplighter dress?

Their uniform identified them. They wore an ornate denim smock, which glowed with the flame lit inside the end of their pole. They wore a cap with a cap that gave them a dour aura of use in public service.

What is the name of the one who lit the lanterns?

As soon as there was no electric light, the lamplighter was the person in charge of lighting the lanterns of a town and keeping them in very good condition.

How are the lanterns lit in colonial times?

In that season there was no light either in the houses or on the street, they were only lit with candles. He lit the lanterns of some houses with an oil that lasted all night. They toured the city offering their own products: candles, brooms, water, milk, feather dusters, etc.

Why did the lamplighter job disappear?

One of the different ways in which the lamplighters were fired was because of the amount of salaries they covered. EL UNIVERSAL Ilustrado published a new article on June 2, 1921 about an unprecedented implement for gas street lamps without the need to be turned on manually.

What function does the lantern have?

Its function is to illuminate the streets.

What did the lamplighter say?

The motto of this trade was to turn on the streetlights when the afternoon began to darken. It was a job of great discipline and fidelity. This is how Fredy Pérez Botija describes it in the song Farolero: “I would be a lamplighter/ if you made yourself a lamppost/ that awaits me at night/ lit but alone”.

What does farolero mean in Spain?

Delegate to take care of the lighting lanterns.

What was the lamplighter like?

When there was no electric lighting, the lamplighter was the person delegated to light the lanterns of a town and keep them in good condition. Each lamplighter was assigned a certain number of the lampposts and the specific streets to which he had to contribute.

How were the lanterns?

According to an amorphous from the city’s Ministry of Public Space and Urban Hygiene, they were a characteristic model with three and five arms, and originally had a floating sphere, later replaced by a ceiling light.

What does the lamplighter stage?

The lamplighter: Represents loyalty and responsibility, he is earning the respect and friendship of the little prince for the fact that he fulfills his obligation well: he lights a lantern when night begins and turns it off as soon as day is coming.

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