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The luckiest day in March 2023 for your zodiac sign

One of the most positive months of the year is Marchwhen the vernal equinox occurs and the astrological new year begins once the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Beyond the arrival of spring, two planets will be dominating this month of 2023, Pluto and Saturn. Both will be changing signs, the first will do so from Capricorn to Aquarius, while the second from Aquarius to Pisces.

Astrologically, these astral movements mark the beginning of a more encouraging period of time, but each zodiac sign will experience this positive energy on a specific date in March.

The luckiest day of the month for Aries is March 20, just as his season begins. According to the YourTango.com horoscope it will mean the beginning of your new self and accepting the person you have become.

Thursday March 23 will be the luckiest day for your sign. You will see that the energy makes an immediate change because an era will begin in which it will be easier for you to look at the new and discard the old.

The luckiest day for your sign is March 23From then on, you will be able to deepen and understand parts of your life that will help you embrace all your dreams, predicted the horoscope.

The luckiest day for Cancer is March 7Once Saturn leaves Aquarius and begins its transit through Pisces, your sign will write a new chapter in its life.

March 21 will be the luckiest day for Leoon this date a new Moon will occur in Aries and it will be very special for new beginnings.

The luckiest day of the month for you Virgo is Thursday, March 16. Venus will enter Taurus and mark a positive aspect for all your finances.

March 25th will be the luckiest day for Libra. Mars will change from Gemini to Cancer, activating his professional sector, so he will be very lucky in his career and at work.

The luckiest day of the month for your sign is March 25when your luck will change completely once Mars touches the territories of Cancer, your companion of the water element.

March 22 will be your luckiest day. It will be easy for you to establish what your priorities are, consequently, you will feel more joyful, abundant and free.

The luckiest day for you Capricorn is March 22. The asteroid Ceres will enter Virgo within its retrograde period, which symbolizes luck, healing and life opportunities.

The luckiest day of the month for you Aquarius is March 19. Mercury will move towards Aries activating your communication skills; You will be able to express yourself in the best way in the personal and professional field.

March 21 will be the luckiest day of the month for you Pisceswhen a significant increase in your finances will arrive that will allow you to live more abundantly and authentically.

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