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The Los Angeles Clippers add their fourth consecutive loss and remain without a win since Russell Westbrook arrived

The Los Angeles Clippers are going through a bad moment in the season and added their fourth consecutive loss against the Golden State Warriors by a score of 115-91. The Los Angeles team has not won since bringing Russell Westbrook on the trade date.

The four losses are against the Sacramento Kings, the Denver Nuggets, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors. The team has a record of 33 wins and 32 losses that places them in seventh place in the Western Conference that disputes the play-in for the postseason.

Down 42-16 in the third quarter, the Clippers dug their own grave against the Warriors. and they continue to show worrying signs since Westbrook changed teams from Los Angeles (8 points with 3 of 12 shooting and 6 assists against 4 turnovers).

Jordan Poole (34 points, 22 of them in a huge third period) led the fantastic reaction of some Warriors with four straight wins and Kawhi Leonard (21 points and 7 rebounds) was the highlight of some Clippers who melted in the second half (ruinous 70-35 against) after having a +12 and who on Friday have another demanding game against the Sacramento Kings.

The Golden State team used a surprising tactic against Russell Westbrook in which they decided not to mark him in the three-point zone and Draymond Green he was marking several yards from him, letting him attempt the three-point shot, but Westbrook opted to pass the ball, a sign of the player’s lack of confidence in recent seasons.

The 2017 MVP winner hasn’t had a good year in conjunction with both Los Angeles teams. This year he is averaging 15.8 points, 6 rebounds and 7.6 assists with a low 41.6% field effectiveness.

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