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The Lion King will have a live action prequel • ENTER.CO

Despite the fact that Pinocchio hasn’t done very well, it seems that Disney isn’t giving up on live-action adaptations. And a very interesting surprise is the announcement of a new adaptation of the Lion King that will touch the past of the King that we knew little about (and that caused us more than one trauma when we were little): Mufasa.

Several things that are important. First, the studio didn’t go into too much detail when describing this live-action adaptation. From what we were able to collect thanks to the people who are sharing the event with us, it is a similar film to the one we received a few years ago, with super realistic animals. The study also presented a teaser that, for now, has not been published on its networks (we will update the note as soon as we have an official version).

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We don’t know who will play Mufasa. The legendary voice of the lion in the United States is none other than James Earl Jones (also known for being the voice of Darth Vader), but at 91 years old it is easy to think why the actor would take a lesser role. Considering that the story wants to tell a prequel, it will also be curious to see if we have the return of Scar. In the original film, the villain was played by Jeremy Irons, but the live action version chose to replace the actor with Chiwetel Ejiofor.

For now the movie has been confirmed for 2024. Mufasa’s announcement was accompanied by new updates during D23 for the Disenchantment movie (the sequel to Enchanted), The Little Mermaid, Snow White and other studio projects.

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