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The League of Legends fighting game, Project L, will be free • ENTER.CO

One of the future projects that fans of ‘Lol’ are most excited about is ‘Project L’, the fighting game that was announced a few years ago and that in 2021 gave us a small glimpse of the type of combat and style it wants deliver.

The bad news is that we still don’t have a window for the launch of Project L. But one door doesn’t close without another opening. Riot Games confirmed that their fighting game will be completely free.

For many, this announcement should really come as no surprise to any fan of the developer. Part of the philosophy (and success) of their games is that they are always fun to play. It’s what drove LoL and what has kept titles like Valorant or Legends of Runeterra relevant, as well as driving similar models in other games that have realized that sometimes the best way to monetize is to just leave the base game. free.

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Considering the type of game that Project L aspires to be, it is certain that its monetization will be similar to that of games like Valorant, with a real currency that allows access to cosmetic elements or battle passes. It’s not certain if Riot will also hide some of its characters behind monetization or lootboxes, mainly because we don’t know the extent of its initial roster.

When will Project L arrive? The latest update confirmed to us that the team has completed the basics of the game and is now concentrating on mechanics and character development. This doesn’t give us a much clearer picture, but it does tell us that we can see a horizon where Project L makes its debut in 2024.

Images: Riot Games

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