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The lawsuit between Ingrid Coronado and Charly López does not end

The host Ingrid Coronado continues to give people something to talk about, since she recently gave an interview with the host Yordi Rosado, with whom she discussed professional and personal issues.

In a large part of the interview, Coronado focused on talking about the conflicts she had with her ex-husband, Charly López, with whom They have had serious disagreements despite the fact that their breakup was a long time ago.

Rosado questioned her about the conflicts with López, to which the former member of Garibaldi indicated that “talking about people who have been making money for many years, speaking ill of me, when they should be grateful because they live on my propertythe truth is something that I have no interest in talking about ”.

What Ingrid expressed makes sense, after Charly made statements, at different times, in favor of Fernando del Solar, second husband of the former TV Azteca host, whom he described as a victim of Coronado. López’s position generated great controversy.

Therefore, Ingrid repeatedly reversed her position indicating that she had stopped being in his life for a long time. Despite what was declared by the former singer, Charly’s accusations have been very strong, since a few weeks ago told Rosado that she expected the death of Fernando del Solar.

Despite the fact that Coronado, 48, did not want to delve into the controversy that Charly has made media coverage, due to how he responded to Yordi Rosado, his annoyance over the subject was notorious, for this reason he preferred to take the positive side of things and highlighted the support that you have received.

“What I have noticed this time is the millions of favorable comments that there are, this video of Yordi has, not only there but through my social networks.”

On how her professional status is, Ingrid said that there is the possibility of returning to TV Azteca, after being a reference in the magazine program ‘Venga la Alegría’. This possibility occurred in the context of the presence of Coronado in the presentation of Juguetón 2023.

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