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As if cockroaches needed our help to be more terrifying, a group of researchers has created a system that allows the creation of ‘cyborg cockroaches’. Those responsible for this science fiction nightmare is the group RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR), a Japanese organization dedicated to scientific research in different branches.

The publication explains that what was created was a series of ultra-light electronic components that can be mounted on one of the sides of the insect. One of these key components is a wireless locomotion control model. This allows you to send impulses to the cockroaches in order to control them. The entire system is also powered through a solar power module, which is mounted on a kind of ‘backpack’. The components are designed so that the insects can move easily and allow 3D maneuvers, with the possibility that they remain attached for at least a month.

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Why build a cyborg cockroach? The researchers believe that these types of remote-controlled insects can be used in missions or maneuvers that are dangerous and difficult to access. Considering the conditions in which cockroaches can survive, it is the ideal test subject. In the future, this type of insect could be used to obtain data or monitor this type of environment quickly and effectively.

Regardless of how repulsive the idea of ​​a cyborg cockroach might be, it’s actually fascinating technology. For example, one of the obstacles that the researchers at the institute had to overcome was creating parts that would work with the insect’s exoskeleton to allow its mobility, even with a backpack. Another fascinating point is the way they solved the creation of the solar cell, which would be an interesting solution not only for this, but for other cyborg insects with similar anatomies that could be used.

Images: CPR

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